DARDICK’s focus on cyber forensics includes forensic readiness, litigation hold, acquisition and preservation, analysis and investigation, and reporting and testimony. Glenn S. Dardick has provided assistance to corporations, law firms, and individuals in cases before State and Federal Courts. 

Cyber Forensics is used to acquire electronic artifacts and analyze those which may be used in Court to establish inculpatory or exculpatory evidence. Such artifacts may be acquired from devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, thumb drives and the Internet. Cyber Forensics has proven to be invaluable in cases ranging from those in Juvenile and Family Courts to those involving defamation, harassment, employee theft, data breaches and child pornography.


We have been involved in securing systems and educating employees on best practices in protecting their company’s assets and reducing risk.


We have successfully assisted clients in cases of defamation and cyber bullying – securing evidence for use in Court and identifying those responsible.


We have successfully identified documents which have been forged and/or created with the intent to defraud. These cases involve anonymous identities used in communications as well as uncovering evidence found in documents utilizing metadata forensics.


We have partnered with companies whose networks, systems and databases have been breached. We have been instrumental in leading and/or working with Incident Response teams and have experience responding to, and working with, the FTC and teams of attorneys.


We frequently work on cases involving email and text messaging as well as key loggers. In fact, most of our cases involve some form of evidence regarding electronic communications. We are experienced in not only recovering evidence electronically, but work with attorneys in drafting subpoenas to secure evidence from Internet Service Providers and Email services.


Many of our cases involve current and former employees and incidents involving the theft of corporate intellectual assets. Evidence is secured methodically. We work with the attorneys and corporate counsel to present a solid case. Most of the cases we are involved in are settled prior to trial based upon the sheer weight and strength of the evidence.